We are a long-tenured, collaborative team of growth investors.

Based in San Francisco and named after historic Jackson Square, our firm's name reflects the team's origins over 20 years ago in the area of the city that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. This name represents our two long-held values of stability and resilience. 

As a majority employee-owned boutique, we believe that we can achieve superior returns by maintaining concentrated portfolios of companies that have advantaged business models, strong cash-flow generation characteristics, and are poised to generate consistent, long-term growth of intrinsic business value.  We manage five, long-only growth oriented strategies. 



The Firm

As a majority employee-owned boutique, Jackson Square caters to primarily institutional investors and consultants through our five growth strategies. 


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Philosophy + Process

Intrinsic business value growth, combined with a concentrated, long-term focus is at the core of our time-tested investment philosophy.




Since the team formed in the late 1990s, we have remained a tight-knit group of passionate, thoughtful and inquisitive people. 




We offer five growth strategies, with all portfolios constructed using the same investment philosophy and process.